Product Development

We have extensive Product development expertise in Branded and generic product with  decades of drug pre-formulation development, Formulation development and Process development expertise with an extensive understanding of commercial pharmaceutical manufacturing processes using various maker of  commercial equipments .

We begin each development project with the commercial manufacturing process in mind. Our formulation scientists work closely with CMO's manufacturing team to develop formulations that are scalable for pilot and commercial batches.

we can successfully deliver all preformulation and Formulation Development activities applicable to oral dosage forms and no oral  dosage forms  including lipid-based formulations  such as:


Oral Solids

  • Immediate release tablets & capsules
  • Controlled/sustained release tablets & capsules
  • Functional coated tablets
  • Coated pellets in capsules
  • Coated pellets in tablets
  • Taste masking in pellets/tablets

Injectables and Ophthalmic

  • Simple solution
  • Emulsion ( o/w & w/o)
  • Suspension ( nano suspension)
  • Liposomal injections
  • Lyophilized product

Polymer Based

  • Transdermal
  • Hydrogel patches
  • Wound dressing


  • Foams
  • Ointments
  • Creams & lotions
  • Shampoos

Portfolio Development

Everyone needs value added Products in their portfolio. Competition for value added products is intense, and change is constant. Our ability to sense and respond successfully to the changes in the competitive landscape is essential to your sustainable and profitable operation.

We create exclusive  tailor made product portfolio based on the  risk managing capability of our customers.

Dharma Labs value added portfolio includes:

  • Life cycle management of a NDA, which extends life of your product
  • 505(B)(2) / New Drug Formulation for a safe existing products with limited clinical studies for FDA exclusivity and potential patent options
  • P-IV Products
  • Unique Difficult to make ANDA products  ( Extended release tablets and Liposomal Injectables)
  • ANDA Products with high Barrier to Entry

We offer  ANDA products at late stage  of development that was developed by our partners

We offer  FDA approved  branded and generic products

Expand your business, the world of Opportunities, Select Dharma Labs as your partner for your new  Product developments and new business; we can create value through partnership.